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On My Own :iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 1 0
The Voice And I
So, there's this voice, right?
And it whispers things in my ear;
Things I desperately want to hear
Of death and gore and so much more.
And this voice.
It knows me so well.
It laughs at all my jokes!
And tells me I'm going to hell!
Oh, it's very splendid you see.
To know someone who is just like me!
The crazy things we do.
Like killing all the animals locked in the zoo.
Don't get mad at us,
We were setting them free;
Free from those cages
Where they couldn't flee!
Or when we go knocking on doors
And stabbing people til they're dead!
Dead! Dead! Dead!
On they're blood soaked floors!
Come join in this kill spree!
We'll have so much fun;
You, Me and the voice makes three!
So much could get done!
The voice isn't happy.
Hm, you've upset it.
Oh me, oh my
I guess it's time for you to die.
I'm very sorry I have to do this.
But I'll make sure you're comfy
As you're chained to the wall.
Hehe don't be silly! You won't fall!
Tsk, tsk
Now stop your screaming
It shouldn't hurt much
I'm just draining
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 3 2
When all is gone and perished,
There you'll stand without a breath.
And though your heart beats slowly,
This life you'll wish to forget.
But when your time has arrived
I hope you see the truth.
That nothing is worth the sorrow,
For happiness will soon find it's way to you.
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 2 0
It's a strange feeling,
A numbing feeling;
It's so surreal.
It's eating at my flesh.
It's pulling me down.
Down somewhere –
I can't escape.
I'm losing breath!
It's dark.
The sorrow…
I can feel it tearing
Into my lonely soul.
It's cold, nestled between
My finger tips as it
Designs my wrist
With pictures of torture.
It's mocking me.
I can hear the laughter
Behind the silence
In my padded cell.
It's there with me,
All alone in my head.
With thoughts of our
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 1 3
You're Always With Me
When ever Christmas time comes around I sit in my room alone. I light some candles and cry. This is the time I get to mourn. I hate Christmas with a passion. It reminds me of who've I've lost and that I will never get the chance to tell them I love them. It's dark in my room. Only candles to light my way and my music is playing. Believe by Blood On The Dance Floor. I smile. He was my rock. My one true friend. The tears started to fall as my shadow flickered across the floor. My phone began to vibrate with a text. "Are you coming? It's going to start soon. He'd want you here". I got up and pulled my jacket on. Soon I was climbing out my window and running. I could feel the wind hitting my face. I was freezing but I didn't care, I had to get there on time. He'd want me to. I imagined him by my side, running with me like we use to when he got the chance. I pictured his smile and I could hear his laugh in my ears. Everything was great til it wasn't. I never got to tell him I loved him and
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 2 0
In A Dream
I sat on his car as the cool spring breeze danced through my hair. He sat beneath a tree full of life and hope. I watched him as he played his guitar and as joy brightened up on his face. It was calm. The birds flew above our heads.
He lifted up his head as if he knew I was staring at him. I smiled. He smiled back as he gently laid his guitar down on the green grass. He held his arms out wide for my embrace. I hopped off the hood of his car and walked to him with my arms open. Ready to be one with him.
I kept walking. And walking. He seemed to be moving farther and farther away. The bright spring day started to fade to an eerie familiar darkness. But I started to run to him. I ran and I ran but I was too late. He was out of sight.
And I woke up. I reached my hand out to the side but it was empty and cold. I threw my arm over my eyes. And I cried. He'll never return to me. All I can do is keep him in my dreams.
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 0 0
Mature content
A Dream? :iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 0 0
The Conspiracy
Outside of my window
Perched upon an eerie tree
Sat a Raven still
Staring down at me.
Silent was my room
As the Raven croaked away.
I stared outside that window
Praying it would not stay.
Uncertain I was of its presence;
It surely must be a ghost!
But as my window screeched wide open
I became its frightened host.
Its eyes so cold;
Blacker than the night.
I stared down at its talons
And nearly died of fright.
I backed up against the wall
Yelling at it to go!
And to my demise it glared at me
Croaking the word 'No...'
Out towards the shadows
Near that eerie tree
The croaking grew louder
As a conspiracy showed itself to me.
I cried out in fear
Throwing my arms over my face
As the darkness grew closer
I knew I would soon die out of trace.
My screaming grew louder
As their talons pierced my flesh.
My body began to ache
While my blood ran sticky fresh.
I pushed my way out;
Towards the windowsill I ran.
I looked down at the floor
And prayed to God I'd land.
I jumped for my life!
And I fell...f
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 1 0
Mature content
Bad Timing Or Good? :iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 1 0
An addict is what I am.
I'm devoured by all
I condemn hopeless
And tragically beautiful.
A monster.
Hidden within the shadows
Of a bluntly demeaning
And pointless life.
Forever scared.
Unwilling to glimpse
Into the light
Into a better world.
I am a dim
Meaningless object
That wishes to be more
Yet knows that will never be.
What I am
Isn't really hard to understand.
A mere  reflection of
Our darkest thoughts.
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 0 4
My Darkness
I sat there in the dark.
The moon light barely touched my cold flesh.
Hidden under a tree is where I felt safe.
I looked up and watched as a murder made its way across the blacken night.
I sighed in the silence.
Why do I bother dreaming of life?
I am nothing more than a wasted corpse that can never truly live nor die.
Yet, I still wish to have the chance to experience both.
How would it have felt to feel another's warm pulsing flesh pressed upon mine?
How would it have felt to be able to smell something other than the desirable blood of the living?
Mm...just the thought of it pouring red into my dry mouth.
My fingers curled up against my pants.
I clenched them tightly.
No. I shall not think such thoughts!
Another life I shall not take.
I arose to take a walk beneath the stars not to dine on mere mortals flesh.
But that temptation, it beckons me to give in.
Screaming its eerie truth into my ears as if I'd ever forget that I will forever be damned to live upon this horrific world!
Damn t
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 1 0
And With...
And with my lips
Pressed upon yours
I'll tell you a secret
Meant for you alone
And with my palms
Pressed against yours
You'll feel my warmth
As I sing you a song
And with my chest
Pressed close to yours
My heart will reveal
All that my soul wishes to tell
And with a tear and a smile
My joy will be seen
As a flutter of words chime out of my mouth
And slowly fill your ears
These words I know
You've been longing to hear.
I love you,
My dear.
:iconmy-bloody-death:my-bloody-death 0 0
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I don't know what to say! GRR...BLARG...BLAH...

Okay, serious faces on now. Hello! I'm RoRo and as you can tell I have a mix of stuff I consider crap but SOME of you actually like this "crap" which makes me smile.

Most of the pictures I took, I took with my cell phone. I'm usually bored when I take pix and I don't own a camera unless I find my moms and steal it for a day or so. I suck at drawing so I paint. It's amazingly fun even though I think I'm not that good.

I tend to talk to much. And I'm horrible with words but I love to write poems.

It turns out that I'm addicted to flavoring (wtf...I mean FAV'ING) people's work on here. It's like that damn Like button on facebook.

Oh and if you fav'd something of mine or added it to your collection then most-likely I will click that "watch" button of yours and fav things

And I'm shutting up now. Have a great day! Thanks for looking at my stuff and reading this if you actually did. <3


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